6 July 2011

Where to buy Washing Machine in Singapore

Where do you best buy a Washing Machine in Singapore?

First of all - decide if you want a Front Load Washing Machine or a Top Loader. The strong recommendation is to go for a Front Load Machine. It uses a lot less energy and water - something that is very important in Singapore. If you still are into Top Loads, make sure you get a agitiator model - as they are much gentler on you clothes. Normal Top Loads do wear them quickly.

When it comes to buying a washing machine, I strongly recommend the Electrolux Concept Store. Great service and a way to understand their Washing Machines.You find it here.

Where to buy

A summary of stores can be found here. Other recommendations are Harvey Norman and Courts. They are, however, not specialized and you get a young guy selling phones and plasma TVs trying to explain a washing machine for you. As effective as discussing fashion with your car repair guy?

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Harvey Norman Store - with Washing Machines